Does the Mediation Center in Columbia, MD Offer Conflict Resolution Services?

The Howard County Mediation and Dispute Resolution Center (MCRC) is a local non-profit organization that provides free or low-cost mediation and other dispute resolution services to give people in conflict the opportunity to be heard, understand each other better, and develop their own solutions. This program can also provide remote, and possibly in-person, services to individuals and communities in Allegany County. MCRC is comprised of more than 100 trained volunteers from diverse backgrounds (by age, gender, and race) who promote peaceful conflict resolution by offering mediation and dispute resolution services, restorative practices, education, and training to the Howard County community. This work has been successful in reducing suspensions and improving the environment in schools.

Reentry mediation sessions are held at the Howard County Detention Center (HCDC), and all participants and mediators must comply with HCDC rules and regulations while on HCDC facilities. Community mediation is a non-profit framework for ensuring access to mediation services at the community level while maintaining control and responsibility for conflict resolution within the community. The reentry mediation program is available at all Maryland state prisons and 11 local detention centers. The Maryland program is considered a national model, and attempts are currently being made to replicate it in 3 other states. All MCRC mediators are expected to maintain their membership in the Maryland Program for Mediator Excellence (MPME) through the Maryland Office of Judicial Mediation and Dispute Resolution (MACRO) and attend continuing education throughout the year. If you have a civil case pending in Circuit Court, you may be able to use mediation or a conciliation conference to resolve your case before trial.

Reentry mediation is a service that MCRC provides through a strong partnership with HCDC in Jessup, Maryland. It is the successor organization to the Center for Mediation and Conflict Resolution at Howard Community College, where it has resided for more than 15 years.

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