What Types of Mediation Services Does the Mediation Center in Columbia, Maryland Provide?

The Howard County Mediation and Dispute Resolution Center offers mediation services and other free or low-cost dispute resolution services to provide to individuals. The Howard County Mediation and Dispute Resolution Center provides free or low-cost mediation and other dispute resolution services to provide people in conflict with an opportunity to be heard, to understand each other better, and to develop their own solutions. These processes offer neighbors, schools, government agencies, religious communities, organizations, and families a constructive way to respond to conflict. Headquartered in Washington County, this program can also provide remote and potentially in-person services to individuals and communities in Allegany County. At the Carroll County Community Mediation Center (CCCMC), we offer a range of mediation and conflict management services to Baltimore City organizations and residents.

Our services are subsidized and free for the community, while our other services are offered on a sliding scale. All of our services have the capacity to transform lives and bring power back to people. We provide counseling, mediation, and conflict facilitation services at no cost to all county residents, at times and locations convenient for all participants. The Mediation Center also provides conflict management training that can be tailored to the needs of your organization. Our certified mediator with the Maryland Dispute Resolution Council (MCDR) currently serves as chair of the MCDR Certification Committee.

The Carroll County Community Mediation Center (CCCMC) was established in 2000 with support from the Department of Juvenile Services (DJS), the Family Law Administrator, the Maryland Office of Mediation and Dispute Resolution (MACRO), the Maryland Community Mediation (CMM), and the Carroll County Juvenile Services Office (CCYSB). The Center's office is easily accessible in the Nonprofit Center building on Clifton Boulevard in Westminster. Kate has also been part of many conferences such as St. Mary's University, the University of Baltimore, MOSAIC at Sheppard Pratt, the Maryland Civil Rights Commission, the MOSS Conference, the Virginia Family Mediators Conference, the ACR Family Section, and the Academy of Professional Family Mediators. The Baltimore Community Mediation Center teaches and uses conflict resolution skills to provide a framework for people to have difficult conversations and make plans about issues that are important to them.

In addition to his volunteer service at the MCRC, he serves as a mediator in the Howard County district and circuit courts. Roxie Tossie has lived in Howard County (Maryland) since 1994 after living a lifetime in Germany, Central America, Panama and Hawaii. If you have a civil case pending in Circuit Court, you can use mediation or a conciliation conference to resolve your case before trial. Research has shown that privileged individuals who participate in the mediation process for reentry before release have a lower recidivism rate than those who do not participate. Once approved, outsiders and individuals with privileged information can meet with two neutral, professionally trained mediators in a private meeting space within HCDC to discuss issues related to their lives when they leave the detention center. The Mediation Center promotes peaceful conflict resolution and collaborative problem resolution by providing a variety of conflict resolution, education, and professional training services to the Carroll County community. Our vision is for all Carroll County citizens to know about and have access to high-quality community-level conflict resolution services such as mediation and conflict counseling. The parent-child mediation program was unique in offering a model of joint mediation in which the mediators reflected the participants, with an adult mediator and an adolescent mediator.

Mediation is a conflict resolution process in which mediators help two or more participants in a dispute or conflict by helping those who need to have a difficult conversation clarify what is important to everyone involved and make decisions that meet everyone's needs. Kate was part of the Maryland Mediators Convention for many years and is a member of the Maryland Program for Mediator Excellence.

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